The design of our custom built vessel ‘Torden’ is based on vast Royal Australian Navy experience and Civil Marine operations.

Torden provides a multi use platform allowing difficult tasks to be performed safely and simply. The large open work areas, dry storage, lifting hardware, auxiliary generators and battery banks offer versatility of operation.

The onboard capstan enables heavy loads to be recovered from deep depths or simple minor adjustments of suspended loads. The onboard crane allows heavy loads to be launched or recovered inboard safely and effortlessly.


  • Overall length of 7.5m with open deck.
  • 3.3m beam allows wide loads and large work area.
  • An extremely low draft of 0.3m allows access to very shallow areas and a low air draft of 2.4m for overhead access.
  • Maximum speed of 32 knots (60 km/h) when fully loaded.
  • A specially designed hull for maximum stability.
  • Powered by Twin Mercury ‘SeaPro’ 150 HP engines featuring an oversized gearbox and propellers to enable greater torque and thrust for pushing or towing.
  • The bow ‘push knees’ enable Torden to easily command and control whilst pushing barges or other vessels and assist when docking or lifting loads from wharves or piers.
  • Stern Sampson Post for heavy tows and salvages.
  • 2C Survey for offshore operations to 5 nautical miles from coast.
  • An integrated surface supply dive spread for commercial diving, maintaining room for other equipment, materials and work space.
  • Torden’s console houses a GPS system, 12 Volt charging ports, VHF and UHF radio and desk area to allow users a sheltered area to conduct data collection or planning.
  • Capstan Vertical Winch allows loads of up to 400 kg to be recovered from seabed to surface.
  • Fassi ‘Micro 15A’ Crane enables loads to be deployed or recovered from the water.


  • Overall length: 5.1m.
  • 2.3m beam.
  • A specially designed foredeck with ‘moonpool’ or ‘trapdoor’ for various applications.
  • Powered by Yamaha 25 HP engine.
  • The bow ‘push knees’ enable Anvil to push other barges or to operate against structures.
  • 2D Survey for inshore operations.