Commercial Diving

Qualified & highly experienced commercial diving teams for any inspection, repair, maintenance, rehabilitation or product testing.

The dive teams at Ægir Divers consist of highly skilled Commercial Diving Professionals with a wealth of knowledge and experience in a variety of backgrounds from the gas and oil industry, marine biology, engineering and construction.

Inspections, Repair, Maintenance and Rehabilitation

We can inspect, repair, maintain or rehabilitate a range of submerged structures including: bridges; jetties; wharves; ships; dam walls; tanks; pump intakes and screens as well as navigational aids.


We have vast experience in construction, including timber, steel and concrete projects of piers, wharfs, groynes and jetties throughout Port Phillip, Western Port and Rural Victoria.

High Pressure Cleaning

Our high pressure cleaning equipment ensures the effective removal of sea growth and debris from underwater surfaces including vessel hulls, beacons, wharves, piers and jetty piles.

Ultrasonic Thickness Testing

Ægir Divers are experienced at capturing accurate UTT readings to determine metal thickness of steel components within marine infrastructures for condition & maintenance reporting.

Underwater Video and Photography

We use high quality video and photographic equipment to capture exceptional underwater images for a range of purposes.


Our highly experienced divers can undertake any demolition – small or large, simple or technical – skillfully, safely and effectively.

Salvage and Retrieval

We’re equipped with the tools and experience necessary to undertake small and large scale salvage and retrieval jobs including ships anchors, vehicles, vessels, machinery, tools, construction materials or even lost jewellery.

Project Report

Our report package includes an outline of the project as requested by the client, a description of implemented methods, data collection and results, illustrative photos and other points of interest which may impede or assist future works or processes.